No fears, Just Confidence with Dia&Co

Hey lovies,

Happy Holidays! Yaay! I am looking forward to a great holiday celebration with family and friends and most of all, myself. lol. I hope y’all had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday because i did. Christmas is around the corner and the New Year is in the horizon, and i already have my resolutions typed and printed out. Ok, not really but there is one thing i know that i want to continue to improve on and that is, becoming more style adventurous and continue to wear what scares me.

I don’t know about you but there are times when i don’t love my body or how i look in a certain outfit and because of that fear or insecurity i choose to wear something else, something safe. I know alot of us have experienced that, still experiencing it and will continue to experience it but that’s ok because we are humans and we are allowed to be in our feelings once in awhile but that shouldn’t stop you from trying or dare yourself to go beyond your style limits and that’s exactly what i did at this year’s NYFW because even though i didn’t feel 100% about my choice, i still went ahead with it.


I remember the battle of “what to wear” and the pile of discarded outfits but i decided to combine outfits, instead. The light blue dress is something i designed over a year ago and the dark blue skirt was a bargain steal i got just months prior and i have never really had a reason to wear either so, i figured it would be a great idea to wear them together. I remember how insecure i felt the whole day but i stuck it out because i was confident in myself. I struggled with my insecurities on and off the whole day but in the end confidence won because i never back down. lol

The one thing i have doses of, is confidence and that’s something i noticed with Dia&Co. Dia&Co is a company that helps plus size women with their style and confidence by providing hand-picked Dia box of outfits that caters exactly to your style, body and budget. They are amazing when it comes to helping plus size women not just feel but look confident in how they dress. And they use the Try-Day-Friday initiative to challenge themselves into pushing their styles, becoming braver and more confidence despite their insecurities and fears. It sounds exactly like a challenge i want to participate in because i am always down to challenge myself.

So, as we usher in the New Year, i want to challenge you to join the #TryDayFriday initiative. Wear that skirt, wear that dress, wear those pants, in short combine it all and throw on 120% of confidence and sexy (that you don’t think you have) because that’s what you are, confident and sexy.

Never let your fears/insecurities dictate how high your confidence is, let your confidence push you to fight and be the style goddess, that you are.



Stay safe, Shop safe & Happy Holidays

Hey lovies,

Happy Holidays, everyone. How are you preparing for the holidays and gift shopping as Christmas is around the corner? I bet some of you have been hitting the malls, shops and online shopping sites, some of you are rounding up on your shopping and some of you haven’t even started and probably won’t start until it’s too late. Well, i fall in the later category and I’ll tell you why. Online shopping! Just in case you don’t know, i am 6ft tall and i wear neither a size 8 or a 10, sometimes i even wear a size 12 because my hands are as long as my legs. So, i end up with the wrong fit. lol

Anyways, that isn’t the only reason i am skeptical about online shopping. Other than the fact that i like to feel the texture of the materials and i like to walk away with my purchase instead of waiting days for the delivery. Is that a pain or what? And, I also get super anxious and impatient with the waiting. We all know that feeling. Now, lets get down to the real reason for this post. It’s all about safety when shopping online. I know it can be irresistible because all you have to do is pick up any of your smart devices, select what you need, check it twice and proceed to checkout. Voila! Its so easy and convenient until you start noticing purchases you never made or a empty bank account because somebody swiped your card when you visited an unsafe site or used an unsafe network. And, this is one of my biggest fears when shopping online. I come from a country where online shopping is not just unreliable but also, a bad idea and i try to protect myself against it by not shopping online AT ALL but since i moved to the U.S all that changed but i am still super cautious because i only have my card info on a couple of trusted shopping sites and i never shop using public WiFi and if i do, i make sure i am adequately protected.

I have been reading about more safe ways to shop online and i found some tips on Lifelock so i decided to share them with you. Lifelock helps to protect you against identity theft and it’s so easy to sign-up and stay protected. A couple of the most important tips i have been following for years, as mentioned above, is to only shop on sites that are popular and trustworthy and i never shop using public WiFi. Below is an image containing statistics and signs to watch for when shopping online. Enjoy.


Isn’t it scary to see the increase in numbers? I don’t know about you but i just became extra cautious, bordering on paranoid. Nah, i am kidding but it does give you alot to think about. As i round up this post, i leave you with this: Resist the urge to shop last minute because you are in a hurry, if you don’t trust the site, don’t shop and please, DO NOT click on that “last minute deals” pop-ups because it looks good. Nobody needs that stress of dealing with identity theft during the holidays or at the start of  new year.

So, Stay safe, Shop safe and Be safe.



NYFW: My Streetstyle view

Hi lovies,

NYFW is over but what a week it was. I had the opportunity to visit a couple of shows with a friend, who was visiting New York for fashion week and you never know how crazy it is until you get the chance to be a part of it. As amazing as all the shows were, i was more drawn to the street styles outside each event. What a sight, i tell you. There was quite alot to see and admire the whole week. And, I am so sad that i couldn’t capture every single style but here are some that i did. Enjoy

I hope next year, i get the chance to work backstage. That would be a dream come true for me.


Vision with a Mission

Hi lovies,

I know it’s supposedly still summer but i feel like Fall is crawling in a little too early and i am not too happy about it. Are you? Anyways in this gloomy time, i came across something that brought joy to my soul. You are of course, wondering what i am talking about and i will tell you. It’s called Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a Eye-wear company that designs and manufacture eyeglasses and also, gives back through partnerships with non-profit organizations like VisionSpring with the “Buy a pair, Give a pair” project. I am all about giving back to the society so, i will always support and encourage those that do.

Alot of people don’t know that i used to wear corrective lens back in the day and i stopped because of how expensive it was to get glasses and also, how ugly the frames were but it looks like Warby Parker is just what i have been waiting for. Woo Hoo!  Another thing i love about Warby Parker is the step by step design process, which tells you what you need to know from concept to construction. I love to read about the culture of any organization i work with or have interest in and the culture at Warby Parker is very inspiring.

Because i have this new found love for Warby Parker, i want to share with you how i would style a few pairs of their eyeglasses off their Limited Edition – Concentric collection, which was launched in August.




What i love about this collection is how simple each design looks but yet still makes a unique statement, which is totally all me. Clear frames are definitely the trend right now and for a long time to come. Warby Parker also, provide other services like eye exams and home try-on which is really convenient. I also, love that they are re-introducing old favorites with subtle upgrades that transcends necessity. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to get a great pair of eyewear and that’s what Warby Parker is about. So, join me and let’s find a pair that’s right for us.


Style Switch Up…

Hi lovies,

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference”

                                                                                                  ….. Kathy Calvin

Alot of us think of ways to give back. Some of us are actively involved, and some of us get the opportunity to not only be active but to also talk about it and reach more people with the avenue(s) that we have been blessed with. AUrate New York isn’t just involved or talking but actively contributing to giving back to the community. As an experienced blogger, i wanted to inform and share with you their message and i am ALWAYS happy to be a part of something like this.

AUrate New York is a Jewellery company with a heart of Gold. They are involved in this amazing campaign that supplies books to school kids through their “A Book for Your Look” program, partnering with Mastery Charter. For each piece of accessory you purchase at AUrate, an economically under-privileged child will receive a book. This touched me deeply because i love to read, always have and i wished there was somebody that did for me what they are currently doing for these kids.

And because of that, i was extremely happy to see a fun challenge from AUrate. I am sharing my Day to Night look featuring some great gold accessories which are sourced sustainably and ethically.


y (7)

Left: Day Look has the black blazers and brogues because i do alot of running around in the day time and comfort is key for me but i still want to look effortlessly professional and casual chic and i love statement pieces. It’s why i love this pleated skirt. It’s bright, bold and playful at the same time and i paired it with the neutral tones, black and beige and simple gold accessories from AUrate.

Right: Night Look doesn’t include the blazer because it’s time to lose the professional look for a more sexy and casual look but still make a statement. So, i switched the brogues to rose gold heels with spikes and gold accessories from AUrate.

I love what AUrate New York stands for and the power behind their product. I love that they hold steadfast to their core values and their mission has a strong voice behind it. They are focused towards promoting a better world, starting with our “Leaders of tomorrow” (kids) and we need more people like the Founders, Sophie Kahn & Bouchra Ezzahraoui to continue to create avenues like this, where we can continue to uplift and support the kids.



Summer wedding, Fashion ready…

Hey lovies,

Summer is still in full swing and so are weddings. I can’t count how many wedding invites i have gotten this summer break and the truth is, figuring out what to wear is always a joy for me especially in the summer. I have always gone for a simple yet statement style whenever i go to a wedding or an event. I am 6ft tall. That itself, is a statement. lol. But, there is always that constant battle with choosing what style to settle on. Do i want to go glammed-up, pull out a LBD or try something new? And, if i am going with my date, i also have to make sure that we compliment each other and not look like strangers. Well, below are my 3 go to summer wedding looks for myself and my date. Enjoy

y (1)

I chose this floral white off shoulder culotte jumpsuit because it is summer perfect, simple but chic, NOT exactly plain white because you don’t want to upstage the bride. It is her day, after all. I chose the black accessories because i want to compliment my date and i also, wanted to tone down all that white and floral and maybe not match the decor. lol. I chose tie-less and a waistcoat for my date because its summer, you want to look casual yet comfortable whilst still making a strong statement.

y (2)

This look is definitely elegant and makes quite a statement. It’s not often you wear black to wedding. Truth is, you can wear black and i chose this dress because it has a scallop hem line, its lace and has a nice shimmer to it and i complimented it with the red ankle-wrap sandals and blue clutch because it needed the color and also, i wanted to compliment my date with the hint of blue. I went tie-less also because the suit is strong, masculine and bold and it could do without a tie, so why not?

y (3)

This is definitely my go to because it’s summer perfect especially for destination or outdoor wedding. It’s flirty, sexy, floral and super chic and blush is the perfect summer color. I chose to go all brown for my date because in my opinion, destination or outdoor weddings are usually very casual and laid back especially, if its tropical as most of them are. The suit is light-weight cotton, very friendly and comfortable. You don’t see alot of brown suits at weddings and that’s a shame. It may be unusual but it takes a confident man to pull it off and there is nothing that says sexy like confidence. *wink*

If you notice, for my date i settled for slim-fitted pants – the material matters alot, too – because they are comfortable and and fit in the right places without been restrictive or too tight. Truth is, there is nothing like a man in the right pants.


….To my College self….

Hey lovies,

How’s your summer going? Mine has been good and i am about to round up on getting my MBA. Three more weeks and i will be a proud MBA degree holder. As you suspect this post is going to be different. It’s out of the usual but this is a lifestyle blog and there is a chance that once in a while i will post up something different but its an experience i would love to share with you guys. This post is about a letter i would write to my college self telling myself what i know now. Enjoy.

They don’t prepare us for college, not back in my day or where i come from. lol. I am Nigerian and i was born in Nigeria. I got my first degree in Tourism Management back in my country and i am currently getting my MBA in Management at Mercy College, New York. #GoMavericks. When i got into college to get my first degree i wanted to get a degree in Microbiology not Tourism Management. If somebody had told me that changing your mind was all part of the experience, i would have been more prepared. lol. The good thing was i was quick to change my mind so, it didn’t really affect me.

Moving to the U.S and going back to college to get another degree, now that is something else. There was so much i didn’t prepare for. The fact that i am a international student has its own issues but financial aid wasn’t one because i am not eligible for one. If i had to tell myself what i knew now, i would say this:

  1. Never change or suppress who you are because there are people that will accept all your quirks and craziness and, still love you.
  2. Be prepared to live on noodles, slices of pizza and chicken wings but do not forget to live a active lifestyle because your clothes won’t fit anymore after 6 months. lol
  3. It would get hard financially but do not forget to eat healthy.
  4. Time management should be as essential at breathing because it would save your life.
  5. Study hard because getting an MBA is very different from getting a B.A. because you might be going to a different continent.
  6. Have a budget plan by learning about understanding your finances and the resources that can help you like Earnest. They offer awesome low-interest loans.
  7. Learn to invest what little extra money you have.
  8. Have as much fun as you can but never let it affect your studies.
  9. Go out more, make more friends. Experience life outside your room and books.
  10. Always work harder than everybody else, push yourself and follow your passion although sometimes you may have to settle but never let that stop you.