The Gambia: The Smiling Coast of Africa

When taking a trip alot of things need to be considered. For example, flight itinerary, accommodation, transportation and feeding and, also you need to consider all the health risks and preventive measures. Tourism is one of the World’s largest income producer and, it has the potential to be the biggest especially in Africa. Taking a vacation, don’t look too far from home. As Africans, embracing our culture helps to build preserve our culture. whether, you are celebrating your birthday, anniversary, planning a destination wedding or, just taking a vacation, Africa has some of the best tourist destinations in the world. Don’t look too far out.. lol

About 2 years ago, I made a trip to The Gambia with some of my friends and, I have been itching to go back ever since. Straight off the airplane and you can just feel the change, the peace and beauty before you actually see it. Our visit was for 8 nights, 7 days so we had to cram a lot into those few short days but, I can assure you that it wasn’t a waste. The Gambia is a beautiful island. The Gambia is at it’s best during it’s tourists peak periods, sometime in Summer (June – August) and Winter (December – February).  The Gambia s quite popular with the Europeans because it’s only 6 hours away from some major European countries, so you are jet lag free. The Gambia is an affordable destination suitable for tourists in search of sun, sand and unique cultural experience.

Getting around The Gambia is pretty easy. There are

  1.   Taxi (mostly owned by tour guides)
  2.   Tourist taxis (Licensed taxis with Gambia Tourism Authority found outside the resorts/hotels)
  3.  Yellow and green  taxis (Mainly saloon cars parked by the roadside for hire)
  4.   Collective ‘bush’ taxis  (Also known as, 7 passenger cars, minibuses, vans etc)

A taste of The Gambia

There are about 21 Beach bars and over 100 Gambia Cuisine restaurants in The Gambia and, trust me when I say, You don’t want to be told about how amazing their cuisines are. You want to be the one doing the telling! I was always eager to try out something new and, they do amazing things with chicken, fish and potatoes. The food is so good, you wouldn’t want to stop eating. I recommend you try out:





Fish Yassa (left) and Chicken Yassa (right)



Fish balls in stew

Fish balls in stew

Accommodation in The Gambia

The great thing about The Gambia is that, it offers varieties of accommodation, from luxury hotels, self catering apartments, guesthouses and upcountry lodges. Accommodation are often booked through the winter, from November to May. The best accommodations are the Resorts, which are situated right on the edge of the beach, filled with long stretches of golden sands overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

I couldn’t possibly tell you about ALL  the resorts, hotels and lodges but I will definitely tell you a little about the ones I visited with my friends. We lodged at The Baobab Holiday Resort. Amazing staffs and services. When I return to The Gambia, I will definitely be lodging there again.


Baobab resort

Baobab Holiday Resort

For more info –


Kairaba hotel

Kairaba Hotel (The only 5 star hotel in The Gambia)

For more info –


Ocean Bay Hotel

Oceanbay Hotel and Resorts

For more info –

Makasutu logo

Makasutu Cultural Nature Reserve

Makasutu Cultural Forest and Nature Reserve

For  more info –

Some things to do and Places to visit in The Gambia

  • Tendaba Camp
  • Banjul and Serrekunda market (Get your shopping on)
  • The Legendary Katchikally Crocodile pool
  • The Abuko Nature Reserve
  • Brikama Wood Carving centre
  • Rivers/Creeks and Fishing trips
  • Janjangbureh
  • Bush and Beach Safari
  • Kunta Kinteh Island ( formerly known as James island)
  • International Roots Homecoming festival

I could go on and on about how beautiful and peaceful The Gambia is but, it’s a place you would rather see for yourself because words are definately not enough to express the beauty that lies in every corner.


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