Little Black Dress

Every lady needs a Little Black Dress, also known as LBD.  The LBD is dynamic, versatile and easy to accessorize for any occasion. The LBD is quite a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s the most important accessory and as important as it is, it has to be the perfect fit and cut. There are numerous ways to wear and accessorize the LBD. For me, i think it’s absolutely wrong to over-accessorize the LBD because it’s already a statement on it’s own so, it’s best to complement than to overpower. Adding a few statement pieces, here and there is just as good if not better than putting on too many. I’ll be showing you my 4 ways to rock the LBD.

I call this “The Boss lady” look. The blazer adds a little class and a touch professionalism, the pointed-toe pumps adds a touch of elegance and the color is very strong and sexy, and as you noticed i accessorized with very few statement pieces.

I call this “The Simple Lady” look. As you noticed i used simple but edgy accessories and added a little colour with the purse. I didn’t want to over accessorize because the dress already has the belted waist, which is necessary if you want to add a little curve.

I call this “The Understated but Elegant” look and, that is because, of the embroidered sheer top of the dress which adds a sort of underlying sexiness. You are not showing too much skin but neither are you taking away what little sexiness you have left. This dress is quite the tricky one because, you have to be in the best shape to enjoy the full glory of this dress. If you also, notice i didn’t go with the usual red when accessorizing but with royal blue which is a fabulous color. This is the case of “Less is more”. 

I call this look “The Night Diva”. The sequined long sleeved dress adds alot of bling to the dress, the super sexy spiked ankle strap heeled sandals is extremely sexy, then i went edgy with the Skull clutch purse and feather chandelier earrings. This dress is already alot, so no need to add alot of drama to it ( i am not saying that you can’t.. lol).


There is NOTHING like a dress that’s made to fit your body to perfection. Looking good should be an attitude not, a necessity..


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