Modani “Back To School” Project

Hey lovies,

They say “Doing what you love will take you places“, I think but I say “Doing what you love, not only brings you satisfaction, it opens doors unknowingly and brings great and beautiful relationships your way”. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by an International modern furniture store, called Modani

It’s a modern furniture store that specialises in providing contemporary and modern furniture. They have collections like Baroque, Minimalist, even Zen. They cater to whatever your taste and needs are. It could be a new furniture for the bedroom, living room, even outdoor. They aim at providing not just modern but stylist and also, affordable furniture to give personality to that empty space. Shopping with Modani is a cost-effective investment. I was enlisted amongst a few other top bloggers to work on a project called “Back to School”. This project is about designing my dream bedroom in my dorm or apartment given the expertise I have now, that i didn’t have back then, when I was younger. How i would modernize the room and what has influenced my choices over the years. My style is simple, clean, chic, colorful and artsy. What influences me, first of all, is how i feel then, i move on to what story do i want to tell, what do i want people to see, feel or experience when they step into the room. For me, designing a space is like telling a story, leaving a piece of you on something tangible, something that says something about you. I am also influenced by the environment, culture, unique pieces, art and also, architecture. What has changed for me over the years is that now, i understand better what choices i make and how it expresses what i need it to. Nowadays, the array of choices at our finger tips, either it has to do with different choices of colors, designs, prints, structure has given me the opportunity to implement different styles. I created 2 ideas called Artsy Chic (dark themed background) and Modern chic (white themed background). Artsy Chic image This style reflects my modern, yet creative and artsy side. I chose these pieces because its an infusion of my relaxed but mutely chaotic style. Its a combination of colors, prints and dark furnishing. I love how the prints and pop of red add a little dimension and life to the atmosphere. The brick wall paper adds a little bit of the outside, which i love. I love how the prints and colours compliment one another.  Modern Minimalist image This style reflects another part of me, that’s modern, simple, neat and chic. Here, i have chosen a white theme with bright and sunny colors with basic geometric-like print. With this design i try to create a very simple, clean, bright and comfortable atmosphere. I love the combination of white, shades of yellow and a touch of purple. I love how the colors add a little life. I love how, its really quiet and peaceful and has a potential to become whatever i want it to be. XOXO. Do what you love and Be happy…..

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