Work Space Environment…

Hey lovies,

I’ve been working on a few projects that i have been talking about for awhile now and i’ve decided to share one of them with you, right now. So, awhile back i came across a post on about Cool Office spaces and i was inspired to write up something about my personal work space that inspires me to be creative and helps me concentrate on my work.

WeWork is a Co-working company. WeWork is not just about inspiring you to be a better you but also, about creating a community of shared experiences where you can share your experiences, stories that can also help to inspire someone else. WeWork also, offers a variety of services to help you build a better work space environment. Go to WeWork for more information.

I do not exactly have a specific work space because i am and can be inspired by my present environment, on a trip to another state/country, something on television/internet, in a book/magazine, or even something i remember randomly but, regardless i do have spaces around my house that i rely on to help me do my work. Most times, i work best in a quiet, serene and comfortable space, that’s why you’ll always find me on my comfy couch especially when i have to work on my blog or do some researches, although, sometimes you could catch me anywhere with my sketch pad and pencil. I am also, into Fashion/Architectural designing and sketching up new ideas of not just dresses, trousers and the likes but also, kitchen cabinets and closet spaces require a bit of concentration, that’s why you’ll find me in my room on my closet-desk.

Favorite couch


Here is my fav couch. You’ll always find me on it. It looks pretty much ordinary but it inspires me because it’s super comfortable and warm, surrounded by good lighting and ventilation and it’s pretty much close to my television (another place where i draw my inspiration from).

My Closet-desk


This is my other fav place to do my work. It’s a pretty new space. I remember designing the closet in my room and was inspired to include a retractable desk, where i can do some work. When it’s not in use i just push it back into the closet. It’s a great way to make your room spacious. Smart, right?

Your work space doesn’t have to be structured or boring. It’s all about what helps and inspires you to be great at what you do.



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