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How was your weekend? I spent mine beautifully, with a little R&R (which kinda just means lazying around, watching tv and coming up with new post ideas. lol). Anyways, i have always had a great love for the outdoors and there is nothing more glorious than one with beautiful scenery, well-kept greenery and refreshing atmosphere. A place where you can carve out your own spot, design and furnish however you like. A place to just relax and clear your head, appreciate life more with loved ones, celebrate life and promote good health (Well, Mother nature treats you well if you extend the same courtesy to her). So, i was surfing the net and i found some great Outdoor furniture. Trust me, i had way too many beautiful options to choose from but i decided to settle for a few of my favorites. Enjoy


I love this because its intimate and has this atmosphere that is just perfect for having drinks with good friends, from sundown till sunset.


This reminds me of a beautiful morning for breakfast with the family. The scenery is just refreshing and gorgeous and i love the neutral tone of the furniture.


I adore the color Orange. There is just something about it that screams, fun, bold but peaceful. I love the contrast with the green and purple from the plants surrounding it and that fire place just makes it perfect.


I think this maybe amongst my Top 5 Favs of all. If background scenery doesn’t convince you, i don’t know what will. There is something soothing and relaxing about this. Its perfect for spending a little time with someone special.


This looks perfect for a little brunch or barbeque with the family. With that grill on the side, you couldn’t stop me. lol


I love how clean, subtle it looks and leaves room for a little romance. Its situated in a corner, with coverage, a little fire pit. Looks like date night is set and ready.


I love this. I love stairs with the lights. I love the privacy. I just looove love..


I love the traditional look of this. Its very picturesque and it oozes Family, love, togetherness. I love the way the furniture envelopes you especially on that cold night with a cup of hot cocoa with a splash of brandy. lol


If i was a princess and i wanted the perfect outdoor furniture and decor, i think i already found my inspiration. I love the middle-eastern feel, pastel color, curtains and intricate designs. Its just Princess-Perfect.

N-Target living room. 1JPG

This looks like a perfect spot to relax with a book and catch up on some reading and drinks with friends, which is great because i love to read and sip on something sweet and sour.


Looks like a cool lunch spot. Catch some sun and a great meal. The flowers are gorgeous. The earthy tone of the furniture is just delicious. lol


This is simple, and that’s what i love about it. I love that its so white and traditional which makes it my No 1 on my Top 5 Fav.


This looks like someone’s living room was moved outside. I like the concept of it. Its warm, inviting and that fire place is soo beautiful. Looks original, too.


Another one of my Top 5 fav. Need i say why i love it? The scenery is enough reason. lol


Beautiful pool side spot.


This is another one of my Top 5 favs. I love the tent, the gorgeous designs on the throw pillows, the earthy but intricate design, the touch of rd with the flowers. Its a beautiful place to spend a little time with some special. Looks like a perfect “Double date” spot between two couples out for drinks and talks.

Interesting Piece

Tyre Tube Furnitures

Is this brilliant or what? Very creative, too. I love it..

Your yard, deck, patio, veranda doesn’t have to look empty or boring. Keep it up a  notch and take it to another level.


P.S: All photos were downloaded from Google. I have NO Rights over it.

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