Awards Season: Style Me

Hey lovies,
It’s the Award season. Yay! I know! I know! I am pretty late jumping on this train but, like I say “It is never too late to get on board, as long as you get to your destination”. So, we all know what this season comes with; bright lights, Cameras and your favorite celebrities on the Red Carpet, especially the ladies but in the last couple years, the men have been making efforts to be noticed and, I say “It’s about time”. Lol.

I’ve always wanted the opportunity to style my favorite celebrity and I couldn’t decide between Edris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Channing Tatum but I decided to go with Micheal B. Jordan and after watching his latest movie, Creed, I knew it had to be him and also, He is a fine piece of work (just saying. Lol). He has a body that would look amazing in just about anything and being able to rock any look is just as important as what you wear underneath and how you feel. Having said that, my latest internet find is a Men’s Underwear brand called TOMMY JOHN. They recently just created this new underwear that is as light as air. Imagine that!



Micheal Bakari Jordan *swoons*

So, if  i had to style Micheal for the Awards, check out what i have in mind below. Enjoy:

What i had in mind when i selected each and every item, was to make a subtle statement that packed quite a punch. Micheal is handsome and has a beautiful body so, i wanted to do him justice. So, first off i had to put him in this amazing underwear created by Tommy John because you know, “Confidence starts with comfort” and, if what you wear underneath isn’t comfortable, it can throw off your whole look.

Air Tank Undershirt

This Air Tank undershirt from Tommy John is so light, it’s only 2 ounces. You won’t feel like you are wearing any underwear…..but, you are

Air trunk

Boxers brief can’t exactly work for fitted pants and neither does regular cotton trunks and, that’s why i chose Air trunk from Tommy John. It’s weighs 2 ounces and and very comfortable and nothing rides up anywhere.. lol


 This is an Emporio Armani suit in Jacquard. I love this because, it’s different and its got character. I could have kept it simple and put Michel in a classic black suit but, i didn’t want simple. I wanted “Statement”

Giorgio Armani shirt

I love this Giorgio Armani shirt because of the color and i didn’t want to go with the classic white shirt because i love dark tones and i think, Micheal would look good in it


I love the prints on this Tom Ford droplet print silk pocket square. I love the color and it adds a level of softness to the entire look


This Silk tie is from Tom Ford may look simple and understated but it’s not. It adds a little bit of class and style.

Reversible calf skin belt (EA)

Ofcourse, you can’t ever go wrong with an Emporio Armani reversible calf skin belt


I chose this Diamond Skull cuff link from Tom Ford because i wanted a little piece of edginess. Just a little piece of “Rebel statement”.


I love the simplicity of this Gianni lace up cap toe shoes from Tom Ford.


This classic Emporio Armani watch is a Go-To piece, i think anybody should have and, i love it.

What you wear underneath is just as important as the clothes you wear and, “Confidence starts with Comfort”..


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