Chairish me a Coffee table

Hey lovies,
What’s been happening? It’s been a minute but i am back with a new obsession and it’s basically all about Coffee tables essentials. A Coffee table is like a ‘Princess in a castle’. If she’s pretty, the castle looks really inviting but, if she isn’t….well, you know what happens. Coffee tables are important to every living room, and since they take center stage, they should be treated with utmost importance. So, i was given the opportunity to write about coffee tables essentials by an amazing company called CHAIRISH. Looking through their site, i was inspired by quite a lot of things i saw. Below are essentials of what i think should be on any coffee table.
Charish me a Coffee table


Coffee tables differ in shapes, sizes and also, when it comes to decorating your coffee table, personal style plays a huge part in what the outcome will look like but that been said, there are basic essentials that every coffee table needs, to add life to a living room but finding the right coffee table is the first most essential part of your decor journey. My style is a combination of chic, simple, artsy and intricate. I like simple decor but with pieces that add uniqueness and character.

I think every coffee table deserves a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers. I love flowers that are bright, and delicate with subtle fragrance to add freshness and beauty. And with the vast variety of flowers in the world, you can’t run short of choices. Books are another essential i think coffee tables need because it adds a level of intellectual character and it could also serve as a form of entertainment. A stack of books ranging from antique to modern, from fashion to inspirational to cooking books is needed because you never know.

I love the idea of a decorative box because it adds character and mystery especially when they are unique, intricate or just plain beautiful pieces. It can also, serve as a storage box to hold anything from keys to other miniature objects/trinkets. I also, love candle holders and scented candles especially candles with soothing scents that keeps you calm and at peace. Candles come in different shapes, sizes and scents so finding the right one that works is just as important. Another essentials are quirky objects/figurines. It could be animals, a praying Buddha, a dancing lady, or just a random object.

I chairish a well placed and decorated coffee table and i think every living room needs one.




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