The Magic of Undershirts

Hey lovies,

How’s it going? It’s been a long minute. Alot has been going on and trying to juggle business school and moving to the U.S hasn’t been a slice of cake and a cup of tea but i am surviving. lol. It’s been quite a roller coaster but that is not why we are here. So, I got hit with the idea of “The Magic of the Undershirts” and i decided it something i need to share with you.


Undershirt 101 – Something every man should know

The undershirt is an essential part of any outfit. It’s like having a really great body but bad posture. Anyways, Fall season is here and, Winter is literally around the corner. It’s all about layering up and we need all the heat we can get and still feel comfortable. There is no better time to stock up on undershirts than right now and, Tommy John has got you covered, because they care about your comfort and helping you feel good.

I know sometimes, it can seem uncomfortable with so many clothes on but Tommy John Undershirts are so comfortable, cool and lightweight, you can barely feel the extra clothing. I usually get cold quickly and my body tends to retain the cold for a while even after i get in a warm environment so, i am always about layering up. If you are just like me, then i guess undershirts are for you. The fact that undershirts protects your outerwear from armpit stains, helps your dress shirts fit better, whilst giving you that neat and clean look, that already is a no brainer. In the spirit of the season, below are a few of my Fall essentials;


meermin-rapello-suede-chelsea-boots 3010 beanie-hat-for-men-2015-2016-2 high-quality-striped-long-sleeved-t-font-b-shirt-b-font-font-b-men-b-font _13300203 2006ss_blk_ecom_s_14424152 baszz13po1_blk_ecom_s_14440649 vaseline-b001ecq55m-img1-lg

Undershirts are one of the best things to have not just during the fall or winter season but all year round. You can never go wrong with the right undershirt so, i say, “Believe in the magic”..

NB: Undershirts are not t-shirts


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