….To my College self….

Hey lovies,

How’s your summer going? Mine has been good and i am about to round up on getting my MBA. Three more weeks and i will be a proud MBA degree holder. As you suspect this post is going to be different. It’s out of the usual but this is a lifestyle blog and there is a chance that once in a while i will post up something different but its an experience i would love to share with you guys. This post is about a letter i would write to my college self telling myself what i know now. Enjoy.

They don’t prepare us for college, not back in my day or where i come from. lol. I am Nigerian and i was born in Nigeria. I got my first degree in Tourism Management back in my country and i am currently getting my MBA in Management at Mercy College, New York. #GoMavericks. When i got into college to get my first degree i wanted to get a degree in Microbiology not Tourism Management. If somebody had told me that changing your mind was all part of the experience, i would have been more prepared. lol. The good thing was i was quick to change my mind so, it didn’t really affect me.

Moving to the U.S and going back to college to get another degree, now that is something else. There was so much i didn’t prepare for. The fact that i am a international student has its own issues but financial aid wasn’t one because i am not eligible for one. If i had to tell myself what i knew now, i would say this:

  1. Never change or suppress who you are because there are people that will accept all your quirks and craziness and, still love you.
  2. Be prepared to live on noodles, slices of pizza and chicken wings but do not forget to live a active lifestyle because your clothes won’t fit anymore after 6 months. lol
  3. It would get hard financially but do not forget to eat healthy.
  4. Time management should be as essential at breathing because it would save your life.
  5. Study hard because getting an MBA is very different from getting a B.A. because you might be going to a different continent.
  6. Have a budget plan by learning about understanding your finances and the resources that can help you like Earnest. They offer awesome low-interest loans.
  7. Learn to invest what little extra money you have.
  8. Have as much fun as you can but never let it affect your studies.
  9. Go out more, make more friends. Experience life outside your room and books.
  10. Always work harder than everybody else, push yourself and follow your passion although sometimes you may have to settle but never let that stop you.



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