Vision with a Mission

Hi lovies,

I know it’s supposedly still summer but i feel like Fall is crawling in a little too early and i am not too happy about it. Are you? Anyways in this gloomy time, i came across something that brought joy to my soul. You are of course, wondering what i am talking about and i will tell you. It’s called Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a Eye-wear company that designs and manufacture eyeglasses and also, gives back through partnerships with non-profit organizations like VisionSpring with the “Buy a pair, Give a pair” project. I am all about giving back to the society so, i will always support and encourage those that do.

Alot of people don’t know that i used to wear corrective lens back in the day and i stopped because of how expensive it was to get glasses and also, how ugly the frames were but it looks like Warby Parker is just what i have been waiting for. Woo Hoo!  Another thing i love about Warby Parker is the step by step design process, which tells you what you need to know from concept to construction. I love to read about the culture of any organization i work with or have interest in and the culture at Warby Parker is very inspiring.

Because i have this new found love for Warby Parker, i want to share with you how i would style a few pairs of their eyeglasses off their Limited Edition – Concentric collection, which was launched in August.




What i love about this collection is how simple each design looks but yet still makes a unique statement, which is totally all me. Clear frames are definitely the trend right now and for a long time to come. Warby Parker also, provide other services like eye exams and home try-on which is really convenient. I also, love that they are re-introducing old favorites with subtle upgrades that transcends necessity. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to get a great pair of eyewear and that’s what Warby Parker is about. So, join me and let’s find a pair that’s right for us.


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