Stay safe, Shop safe & Happy Holidays

Hey lovies,

Happy Holidays, everyone. How are you preparing for the holidays and gift shopping as Christmas is around the corner? I bet some of you have been hitting the malls, shops and online shopping sites, some of you are rounding up on your shopping and some of you haven’t even started and probably won’t start until it’s too late. Well, i fall in the later category and I’ll tell you why. Online shopping! Just in case you don’t know, i am 6ft tall and i wear neither a size 8 or a 10, sometimes i even wear a size 12 because my hands are as long as my legs. So, i end up with the wrong fit. lol

Anyways, that isn’t the only reason i am skeptical about online shopping. Other than the fact that i like to feel the texture of the materials and i like to walk away with my purchase instead of waiting days for the delivery. Is that a pain or what? And, I also get super anxious and impatient with the waiting. We all know that feeling. Now, lets get down to the real reason for this post. It’s all about safety when shopping online. I know it can be irresistible because all you have to do is pick up any of your smart devices, select what you need, check it twice and proceed to checkout. Voila! Its so easy and convenient until you start noticing purchases you never made or a empty bank account because somebody swiped your card when you visited an unsafe site or used an unsafe network. And, this is one of my biggest fears when shopping online. I come from a country where online shopping is not just unreliable but also, a bad idea and i try to protect myself against it by not shopping online AT ALL but since i moved to the U.S all that changed but i am still super cautious because i only have my card info on a couple of trusted shopping sites and i never shop using public WiFi and if i do, i make sure i am adequately protected.

I have been reading about more safe ways to shop online and i found some tips on Lifelock so i decided to share them with you. Lifelock helps to protect you against identity theft and it’s so easy to sign-up and stay protected. A couple of the most important tips i have been following for years, as mentioned above, is to only shop on sites that are popular and trustworthy and i never shop using public WiFi. Below is an image containing statistics and signs to watch for when shopping online. Enjoy.


Isn’t it scary to see the increase in numbers? I don’t know about you but i just became extra cautious, bordering on paranoid. Nah, i am kidding but it does give you alot to think about. As i round up this post, i leave you with this: Resist the urge to shop last minute because you are in a hurry, if you don’t trust the site, don’t shop and please, DO NOT click on that “last minute deals” pop-ups because it looks good. Nobody needs that stress of dealing with identity theft during the holidays or at the start of  new year.

So, Stay safe, Shop safe and Be safe.



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