No fears, Just Confidence with Dia&Co

Hey lovies,

Happy Holidays! Yaay! I am looking forward to a great holiday celebration with family and friends and most of all, myself. lol. I hope y’all had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday because i did. Christmas is around the corner and the New Year is in the horizon, and i already have my resolutions typed and printed out. Ok, not really but there is one thing i know that i want to continue to improve on and that is, becoming more style adventurous and continue to wear what scares me.

I don’t know about you but there are times when i don’t love my body or how i look in a certain outfit and because of that fear or insecurity i choose to wear something else, something safe. I know alot of us have experienced that, still experiencing it and will continue to experience it but that’s ok because we are humans and we are allowed to be in our feelings once in awhile but that shouldn’t stop you from trying or dare yourself to go beyond your style limits and that’s exactly what i did at this year’s NYFW because even though i didn’t feel 100% about my choice, i still went ahead with it.


I remember the battle of “what to wear” and the pile of discarded outfits but i decided to combine outfits, instead. The light blue dress is something i designed over a year ago and the dark blue skirt was a bargain steal i got just months prior and i have never really had a reason to wear either so, i figured it would be a great idea to wear them together. I remember how insecure i felt the whole day but i stuck it out because i was confident in myself. I struggled with my insecurities on and off the whole day but in the end confidence won because i never back down. lol

The one thing i have doses of, is confidence and that’s something i noticed with Dia&Co. Dia&Co is a company that helps plus size women with their style and confidence by providing hand-picked Dia box of outfits that caters exactly to your style, body and budget. They are amazing when it comes to helping plus size women not just feel but look confident in how they dress. And they use the Try-Day-Friday initiative to challenge themselves into pushing their styles, becoming braver and more confidence despite their insecurities and fears. It sounds exactly like a challenge i want to participate in because i am always down to challenge myself.

So, as we usher in the New Year, i want to challenge you to join the #TryDayFriday initiative. Wear that skirt, wear that dress, wear those pants, in short combine it all and throw on 120% of confidence and sexy (that you don’t think you have) because that’s what you are, confident and sexy.

Never let your fears/insecurities dictate how high your confidence is, let your confidence push you to fight and be the style goddess, that you are.



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