Keeping your wardrobe 100% sustainable

Hey lovies,

Happy 2018, everyone. It’s a new year and it’s time for new resolutions and time to clean out our closets. What a conniption. It’s like been in a puppy store and trying to decide which puppy to take home. Heart wrenching decision, don’t you think? It’s hard to get rid of those items you have gotten attached to in the last year or so but it doesn’t have to be a sad thing because i still have a pair of jeans from about 13yrs ago but it looks different because it’s ripped and rugged now. lol. I still remember when i revamped that pair of jeans. lool. Please, don’t be like me with a 13yr old pair of jeans. lol. Be like the new me that wants to be more sustainable with my wardrobe whilst still being fashionable so that when i have to declutter, i don’t feel like i am losing my best-friend. Enjoy.

Having a sustainable wardrobe has always been priority for me because when i design a new outfit, i think of all the potentials of that piece and how i can update or revamp the pieces in the future by adding ruffles to sleeves, turning an old pair of jeans into shorts or covering up that tear with artsy patches. Whilst, i am thinking and doing all that, i am also searching online for accessories that are hand-made, locally and organically manufactured. Like this chic raffia cross body bag manufactured in Africa.


Most time when we go out shopping, we don’t think of what we have to give up. We just know that we have to have that new piece. Let’s not think of it as giving up, just making wise decisions. Every time i buy new pieces, i find equal number of old items to give out or recycle. Its like a form of replacement so that when it comes time to declutter for spring, it’s not much work or a struggle. Now, i am not just talking about decluttering, i am also talking about making a Pact to becoming 100% organic. Pact is a brand that is dedicated to manufacturing only 100% organic cotton everyday essential clothing items , that isn’t just comfortable or better for you but also manufactured a better way. Pact is NOT just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

I have also noticed that 100% organic items last longer because there are no chemicals involved in manufacturing and it’s also better for your health and the environment, in the long run. Even though, we can’t be 100% organic all at once, we can start slowly especially with our every day essentials and how we live. As  end this post, I leave you with this very interesting and helpful article about how to reduce your wardrobe to 37 pieces.


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