It’s a “Havenly” home

Hey lovies,
How is the spring treating you? It’s my first spring in the U.S and i don’t know if i am a fan or not. Anyways, i have been battling with the urge to get my own place and i always fantasize about what it would look like. I love so many items and different styles so, i can never really stick with one style for a long time. Ergo, decor dilemma. But, i figured if i had to pick items that represent me, then this is what it would look like. Enjoy
My future
I love simple yet strong pieces because it represents my personality and i have a unique character that changes all the time, maybe that’s why i can’t settle on just one style. Hmmm. lol. I love meaningful quotes and chic accessories, so i have to have those and the most important is the couch because i am a couch potato and i love to write/read or binge watch shows on Netflix/cable. It was on one of my couch potato days that i came across Havenly whilst browsing the internet. I think they idea behind it is AMAZING and totally genius. It’s a great way to connect designers and decorators with potential or returning clients.

Chairish me a Coffee table

Hey lovies,
What’s been happening? It’s been a minute but i am back with a new obsession and it’s basically all about Coffee tables essentials. A Coffee table is like a ‘Princess in a castle’. If she’s pretty, the castle looks really inviting but, if she isn’t….well, you know what happens. Coffee tables are important to every living room, and since they take center stage, they should be treated with utmost importance. So, i was given the opportunity to write about coffee tables essentials by an amazing company called CHAIRISH. Looking through their site, i was inspired by quite a lot of things i saw. Below are essentials of what i think should be on any coffee table.
Charish me a Coffee table


Coffee tables differ in shapes, sizes and also, when it comes to decorating your coffee table, personal style plays a huge part in what the outcome will look like but that been said, there are basic essentials that every coffee table needs, to add life to a living room but finding the right coffee table is the first most essential part of your decor journey. My style is a combination of chic, simple, artsy and intricate. I like simple decor but with pieces that add uniqueness and character.

I think every coffee table deserves a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers. I love flowers that are bright, and delicate with subtle fragrance to add freshness and beauty. And with the vast variety of flowers in the world, you can’t run short of choices. Books are another essential i think coffee tables need because it adds a level of intellectual character and it could also serve as a form of entertainment. A stack of books ranging from antique to modern, from fashion to inspirational to cooking books is needed because you never know.

I love the idea of a decorative box because it adds character and mystery especially when they are unique, intricate or just plain beautiful pieces. It can also, serve as a storage box to hold anything from keys to other miniature objects/trinkets. I also, love candle holders and scented candles especially candles with soothing scents that keeps you calm and at peace. Candles come in different shapes, sizes and scents so finding the right one that works is just as important. Another essentials are quirky objects/figurines. It could be animals, a praying Buddha, a dancing lady, or just a random object.

I chairish a well placed and decorated coffee table and i think every living room needs one.




Bedrooms and a View

Hey lovies,

I don’t know about you but i have the best time when i am home and on my bed. There is just something soothing and comfortable about having your dream bed in your dream room. I always have restless and uncomfortable sleep on strange beds but then again, i am just more comfortable in a known environment, lol.

I love how you can decorate your room to speak of your personality without you uttering a word. I have always loved a airy room with wide french or top to bottom windows that opens to a patio or balcony with a view, subtle colors, unique furnishing, art and a great sound system. I love a room with character, just like me.

Anyways, web surfing as i always do, i came across some really colourful, beautiful bedrooms. Enjoy:













There is nothing as welcoming and soothing as a bedroom with a view. To wake up to such beautiful scene every day and to be able to see the world around you, day r night is so breathtaking and amazing..


3D Printing and Fashion

Hey lovies,
Fashion Week was, is and will always be riveting. The coming together of different prominent names and some new names in the industry to showcase a new collection for the coming year is always a fun fare of creativity, style, inspiring passion and love of fashion, as it has been intended from day one. Now before, I get too excited and digress, I came across New York-based company called Shapeways, that specializes in 3D printing service, and I absolutely fell in love with some of the creations, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write this post about 3D Printing in the Fashion Industry. Shapeways just unveiled a Fully functional dress, designed by Nervous System Studios and created in their 3D Printing Factory. The coming together of Fashion and Science has always been fascinating to me and getting the opportunity to learn more and talk about it, has been eye- opening and inspiring to me.
3D Printing was first introduced in the 1980s and since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds. These days, anything can be produced with 3D printing from toys to house hold items to fashion accessories/clothing. 3D Printing cannot be done without Additive manufacturing, because it has played a huge part in allowing rapid prototype design and ideas. With Additive manufacturing, partial or complete designs can be done within weeks, instead of months.
In 2013, Materialise and Looi put on Asia’s first two 3D Print Fashion shows in Malaysia and Japan. The following year, Geek Picnic in St. Petersburg, Russia also, showcased some 3D printing from, clothing to electronics etc. This year, Boston will host its first 3D Printing Jewellery competition courtesy of Design Museum Boston, New England’s only design museum.

On April 16th, 3D Print Fashion show was presented by 3D Print Week New York and 3D Print Design Show at Javits Convention Center, where top 3D print designers from around the world will the showcasing original design pieces inspired by 3D printing to the public for the first time. Designers like Aaron Trocola, Andy O’Mara, Dilek Sezen, Bradley Rothenberg, Francis Bitonti, Heidi Lee, Melinda Looi and a host of others. Below are some of my favourite designs. Enjoy:









Some of my favorite accessories:










Looks like 3D Printing is not only here to stay but, also here to make fashion more adaptable and sustainable, which is very exciting because I love and I am excited with the idea of Sustainable Fashion. Now, I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to trying my hands at 3D Printing a few of my designs in the future.


Furnishing, Decor and BoydBlue

Hey lovies,

Who doesn’t love a good piece of furniture? Now, who would kill for some of the most unique statement pieces in furnishing and decor? Well, i realized my love for Interior Decor when i randomly ran into BoydBlue’s IG page. I was left stunned, with my jaw hanging open and itchy palms. I just wanted to grab every single piece of item i saw. Yes, i was that blown away. So blown away, i decided to try my hands at designing and i designed all the wardrobes in our family house but i am not the focus here, BodyBlue is. I love their unique and statement pieces. Every individual item looks like there is a story behind it. another thing i love is the showrooms. They bring character and life to any space. Below are a few of my favorites pieces. Enjoy:

Assyria side table

Assyria Side Table

Colonial dining chair

Colonial Dining Chair

Bahamas mirror

Bahamas mirror

Catalonia pendant

Catalonia pendant

Ikat Navy cushion

Ikat Navy cushion

Plantation Bed - king

Plantation king size bed

Plantation Nightstand

Plantation Nightstand

Ullu Owl stool

Ullu Owl stool

Jali Mirror

Jali mirror

Earth 01 - Modern Desert Collection

Earth 01 – Modern desert collection

Baxter dining table

Baxter dining table

Churchill coffee table

Churchill coffee table

Manhattan nightstand

Manhattan nightstand

Lexington console

Lexington console

Outrigger lantern

Outrigger lantern

Kyoto Bamboo picture frame

Kyoto bamboo picture frame

San Salvador Frame

San Salvador frame

Raffia warm bistre wallpaper

Raffia warm bistre wallpaper

*whew* I know i said some but i couldn’t help myself. lol. They are just so lovely. Ok! I’ll stop here.. 


Outdoors, Furnitures and Designs…

Hey lovies,

How was your weekend? I spent mine beautifully, with a little R&R (which kinda just means lazying around, watching tv and coming up with new post ideas. lol). Anyways, i have always had a great love for the outdoors and there is nothing more glorious than one with beautiful scenery, well-kept greenery and refreshing atmosphere. A place where you can carve out your own spot, design and furnish however you like. A place to just relax and clear your head, appreciate life more with loved ones, celebrate life and promote good health (Well, Mother nature treats you well if you extend the same courtesy to her). So, i was surfing the net and i found some great Outdoor furniture. Trust me, i had way too many beautiful options to choose from but i decided to settle for a few of my favorites. Enjoy


I love this because its intimate and has this atmosphere that is just perfect for having drinks with good friends, from sundown till sunset.


This reminds me of a beautiful morning for breakfast with the family. The scenery is just refreshing and gorgeous and i love the neutral tone of the furniture.


I adore the color Orange. There is just something about it that screams, fun, bold but peaceful. I love the contrast with the green and purple from the plants surrounding it and that fire place just makes it perfect.


I think this maybe amongst my Top 5 Favs of all. If background scenery doesn’t convince you, i don’t know what will. There is something soothing and relaxing about this. Its perfect for spending a little time with someone special.


This looks perfect for a little brunch or barbeque with the family. With that grill on the side, you couldn’t stop me. lol


I love how clean, subtle it looks and leaves room for a little romance. Its situated in a corner, with coverage, a little fire pit. Looks like date night is set and ready.


I love this. I love stairs with the lights. I love the privacy. I just looove love..


I love the traditional look of this. Its very picturesque and it oozes Family, love, togetherness. I love the way the furniture envelopes you especially on that cold night with a cup of hot cocoa with a splash of brandy. lol


If i was a princess and i wanted the perfect outdoor furniture and decor, i think i already found my inspiration. I love the middle-eastern feel, pastel color, curtains and intricate designs. Its just Princess-Perfect.

N-Target living room. 1JPG

This looks like a perfect spot to relax with a book and catch up on some reading and drinks with friends, which is great because i love to read and sip on something sweet and sour.


Looks like a cool lunch spot. Catch some sun and a great meal. The flowers are gorgeous. The earthy tone of the furniture is just delicious. lol


This is simple, and that’s what i love about it. I love that its so white and traditional which makes it my No 1 on my Top 5 Fav.


This looks like someone’s living room was moved outside. I like the concept of it. Its warm, inviting and that fire place is soo beautiful. Looks original, too.


Another one of my Top 5 fav. Need i say why i love it? The scenery is enough reason. lol


Beautiful pool side spot.


This is another one of my Top 5 favs. I love the tent, the gorgeous designs on the throw pillows, the earthy but intricate design, the touch of rd with the flowers. Its a beautiful place to spend a little time with some special. Looks like a perfect “Double date” spot between two couples out for drinks and talks.

Interesting Piece

Tyre Tube Furnitures

Is this brilliant or what? Very creative, too. I love it..

Your yard, deck, patio, veranda doesn’t have to look empty or boring. Keep it up a  notch and take it to another level.


P.S: All photos were downloaded from Google. I have NO Rights over it.

Work Space Environment…

Hey lovies,

I’ve been working on a few projects that i have been talking about for awhile now and i’ve decided to share one of them with you, right now. So, awhile back i came across a post on about Cool Office spaces and i was inspired to write up something about my personal work space that inspires me to be creative and helps me concentrate on my work.

WeWork is a Co-working company. WeWork is not just about inspiring you to be a better you but also, about creating a community of shared experiences where you can share your experiences, stories that can also help to inspire someone else. WeWork also, offers a variety of services to help you build a better work space environment. Go to WeWork for more information.

I do not exactly have a specific work space because i am and can be inspired by my present environment, on a trip to another state/country, something on television/internet, in a book/magazine, or even something i remember randomly but, regardless i do have spaces around my house that i rely on to help me do my work. Most times, i work best in a quiet, serene and comfortable space, that’s why you’ll always find me on my comfy couch especially when i have to work on my blog or do some researches, although, sometimes you could catch me anywhere with my sketch pad and pencil. I am also, into Fashion/Architectural designing and sketching up new ideas of not just dresses, trousers and the likes but also, kitchen cabinets and closet spaces require a bit of concentration, that’s why you’ll find me in my room on my closet-desk.

Favorite couch


Here is my fav couch. You’ll always find me on it. It looks pretty much ordinary but it inspires me because it’s super comfortable and warm, surrounded by good lighting and ventilation and it’s pretty much close to my television (another place where i draw my inspiration from).

My Closet-desk


This is my other fav place to do my work. It’s a pretty new space. I remember designing the closet in my room and was inspired to include a retractable desk, where i can do some work. When it’s not in use i just push it back into the closet. It’s a great way to make your room spacious. Smart, right?

Your work space doesn’t have to be structured or boring. It’s all about what helps and inspires you to be great at what you do.