Timberland Boots are Back!!

Timberland boots are back! They made a huge comeback this season, not only as the same regular style we all love but with a major twist especially on the female trend. They come in various styles, colours and designs, they leave your feet looking #BadassFab!.It is AMAZING! Quite trendy, too. I say, they are Gangstar!! lol

Men Timberland boots

Male Timberland boots.

Female timberland

Female Timberland boots

Manolo Blahniks Timberland with heels

This precious design is from Manolo Blahniks Shoe Collection!


These are straight out of ZigiNY, called Z-Jo studs (www.ziginy.com)

Don’t you just want to buy one, put them in a glass box and stare at them every morning when you wake up…. lool#GottaHaveItCan’tMakeItStop!


6 Ways to Rock Denim Jackets (Men)

Denim is back in full trend this season and i must say, rightfully so. A pair of denim jacket, shirt or trousers in your closet is very essential to your style. Wearing Denim doesn’t have to be boring like, pairing it with a boring t-shirt or trousers. Prints and colours are back in trend and, also new denim cuts and styles are available for you to try out, so what are you waiting for? For those of you that are a little clueless about what to pair your denim jackets with, here are my 6 ways to accomplish that look..


Denim on denim, throw on a snapback to add a little something


Dyed denim shirt over white chinos trousers, with a pair of snazzy footwear


Sleeveless denim jacket, a black aztec print vest and a pair of black fitted denim


Two-toned denim shirt over a pair of printed grey shorts, throw on a hat for a little style


Hooded denim jacket, printed t shirt over black straight cut denim trousers and a pair of Timberland boots for that edgy look


Black sleeveless denim jacket, grey long sleeved sweater over dark green chinos trousers

Denim never looked better. Switch up your style..